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Nazareth is a city of international religious importance when, according to tradition, the Annunciation to Mary was given there. The Christian religion named in Hebrew after the city where Jesus and his family grew up.

Nazareth is full of historical - religious sites, inspiring people, and near them an ancient city with a market, a unique atmosphere and a culinary celebration with special flavors.

Today, Nazareth is the largest Arab city in Israel and an important tourist, cultural and economic center. Its people are always happy to host an share there stories.


A city is a "World City" that grew in the eighth century from the sand and hence its name. Today it is a destination for a fascinating tour of archeology along with beliefs and religions.

The tour includes the large and impressive mosque that sits in a magnificent Crusader structure, the Church of St. George who fought the dragon, the Jewish community and their fascinating story, and the "Open House" project which gives a lesson in kindness and openness of the heart between Jews and Arabs in Israel.

A special trip follows the South American Jewish immigrants in Ramla, and also tells the story of the Jews of the Amazon.


Haifa has everything! An ever-green mountain, a stream in the woods and a wonderful beach. It has believers from different religions, different cultures, who all live side by side. The Baha'is, the Ahmadis, the Christians, the Druze, and the Jews.

The history of the modern city is admittedly short but fascinating - from Dahar el Omar, the Templars who came out of the city walls, the British who built a port, the life in Wadi Nisnas, and more.

Haifa is full of fascinating stories about special people and characters, colored by the written literature inspired by the city.


In the ancient quarter of Safed there are magical alleys, where the prayers of the yeshiva students merge with the voices of the children and tourists on the street. Altogether, dissident followers, knit cap wearers and secularists, and all are waiting for the coming of the Messiah.

This is a city where through the stories you can listen to the wisdom of the holy Ari, Rabbi Yosef Karo and their friends. To hear the poetry that received the Sabbath and is preserved to this day.

This is a city whose face was changed by the War of Independence. Secular and religious people live together in a delicate fabric of cooperation. Omnia brings a lot of color to the alleys.


The historical heritage of the city is fascinating. A rare combination of East and West, with the city walls, its citadels and fortresses, its churches and mosques, synagogues and other buildings in its area. These tell the history of many rulers who ruled it and fought for it, built the city and beautified it.

The prominent sites of Acre mainly include buildings from the Crusader and Ottoman periods: the underground Crusader city, the Knights' Halls, the White Market, the Turkish Baths, the port, the Baha'i Temple, the Hermakhal Synagogue, the Tunisian Synagogue and more.

City tours

City tours are in-depth tours throughout the country. With rich guidance, we can discover fascinating sites even in the city where we live. Interesting people, and urban nature that is close to us reveal hidden treasures that we did not notice. Among others, we can have religious and art tours in Old Jaffa, follow Tel Aviv streets stories, a tour of religions and beliefs in Jerusalem, a historical tour in Nazareth and more.


We can dive into the history and beliefs, the people, the sounds and the places of interest in Jerusalem, and as deep as we go we will never reach the bottom! 

For many years I have been traveling and guiding in Jerusalem and still always discovering more and more new places and stories. The trips in Jerusalem combine theology, meetings with inspiring people, history stories and experiential activities. For me, the experience of walking around with the Bible, the New Testament, and the Koran, hearing the voices of Jewish prayer and hymns, the church bells and the calls of the muezzin together, it is a place where as a guide I strive to connect people and to the understanding that we all believe in one God - the goodness in our hearts, kindness and giving.

4.5 billion people have their eyes on Jerusalem, and throughout 3000 years of history many have wanted to reach it.

You are welcome to go on in-depth city tours with me.

Tel Aviv Jaffa

Being my hometown, I wrote a lot of papers in school about the early settlements that later became Tel Aviv. I have the privilege to tell the story of the city that was born from the neighboring city of Jaffa, an ancient city that is more than 3000 years old.

It is with great honor that the city of Tel Aviv received the title "World City" because it is a central point that has a direct and tangible economic, social, cultural and political influence on life in Israel and in the world.

There are endless fascinating tours that we can have in Tel Aviv-Jaffa in various fields like history, archeology, Zionism, beliefs and religions, social projects and more.

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