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Mrs Donna Erf

Brilliant tour guide offers trip of a lifetime!
My husband and I got to experience a trip of a lifetime because of our time with Anat! We traveled on a private tour with her for four days and loved every minute.

We had sought out a Judeo-Christian tour and it was clear she took a lot of time to put together an amazing itinerary for us that included both important Jewish and Christian sites.

The sites we toured included some of the common sites such as Masada, the Dead Sea, Cesarea, Jerusalem, etc, but also places that were “off the beaten path” where she typically knew so many people and offered us a different kind of glimpse into “real life” in Israel. Whether it was different cultures or amazing cuisines, it was definitely an unexpected, added bonus to our time together.

From the moment we met Anat, we were in awe of her passion for and extensive knowledge of the land of Israel and the Bible. She was full of energy every day and was genuinely happy when we expressed what an amazing time we were having with her. On top of her knowledge of every detail of the state and history, Anat is incredibly warm, genuine, and fun! When our days together were over, we (not without tears) said goodbye, knew we were so lucky to have found Anat and know we made a true friend in Israel. Our paths will definitely cross again.

We highly highly recommend Anat! She will not disappoint!

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