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Trips and tours that combine people with visual impairments and blindness

As part of the Magdalor association, since 2015 I lead and guide, together with another partner, a group of trips that includes people with visual impairments and blindness.

In my belief, when a volunteer "serves" as eyes for the blind, then one can reach anywhere, it is a sensory and not a physical disability. And from here we walk on the path of Israel, the Golan Trail  and on other routes, of 12-17 km of walking per day. We went down Ma'ale Hazra and up Ma'ale Ali.... We climbed Ma'ale Palmach and even the Arbel.

As the guide of the group it is very important for me to bring another dimension of content, history, geography, botany, beliefs and religions in combination with meetings with special people, we were hosted and ate a variety of delicious and special foods.

In the tutorials, I combine as much as possible 3D training aids (some of which I sculpt in my studio), foods, and extracts related to the plants we meet along the way and everything that can be used to illustrate what you don't see


Ilan Cohen lives in:

"I am a member of the walking group of the "Magdalor" association, a group of blind and sighted people who travel together for Israel and Anat Amram has been our guide for the past five years and I highly recommend her!

Anat is an excellent instructor who adapts her explanations and the means of illustration she chooses to use to the audience, its age and character.

As a blind person, Anat's explanations make the landscape accessible and encompass the fields of history, geography and society in the Land of Israel, they are clear and fluent. Anat in her special way makes use of auxiliary means such as food, animal parts and ceramic works simulating the original product."

There is no doubt that this is a professional, creative and humane instructor, I recommend, recommend, recommend."

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