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Private events

A trip is a wonderful way to celebrate an event. For closed group events, you can create and adjust a plan and content relevant to the group.

I organize the entire operation related to the trip and the event, based on my extensive experience over the years as a tour guide.

In addition, you can order thank you gifts or special gifts for the celebrant and/or the guests, with a personal dedication that I prepare in my studio before the event.

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Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

One of the most important stages in a Jewish person's life is his entry into the yoke of Torah and Mitzvot and his being a son with equal rights and duties. This event, which indicates entry into matriculation, is very exciting and there is a strong desire to do it in a unique way and place.

Therefore, an event that combines a historical tour of sites such as the Western Wall, Masada, the synagogue in Zipori, Zichron Ya'akov or Safed will be of great value.

Formation of work teams and meetings of friends

A trip in its essence is a consolidating event from the very shared experience. It is an experiential and social space to get to know each other from a different place than usual.

Each group has its own uniqueness, desires and requests, and therefore I prepare proposals for a fun day trip and consolidation only after studying the character and needs of the group. As the website reflects, I am a guide all over the country, I know many people with whom we can have interesting meetings, so many interesting options!

You are welcome to consult with me.

Birthday celebration

Every year and especially on round number birthdays, we look for an idea on how to celebrate together to leave a lifelong experience for the happy celebrant, family and friends. So, what's better than going on a trip together?

A trip that has a formative experience, perhaps related to the field of interest of the celebrant, that has a taste of folklore and culture. Or any route suitable for party type and the expected guests.

During the trip, I combine a blessings and empowerment circle for the celebrant - because that's why we gather for.

In addition, I can help in all areas of the operation.

You are welcome to consult with me and get original ideas where and how to celebrate.

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