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Easy nature trails

combined with interesting sites and meetings with authentic people

Routes intended for all type travelers with an easy walking level, allowing you to enjoy a great experience of nature. They also incorporate sites of interest in the area, adjusted according to the interests of the group

שביל ישראל
שביל הגולן
מסלולי טבע קלים
טיולים למיטיבי לכת
Nature hiking

The Land of Israel is a transition between two great civilizations, distant continents, therefore it is a climatic, ecological, botanical and zoological, cultural and religious meeting. It is blessed with a wide variety of amazing landscapes, an abundance of vegetation and water.

Therefore, every trip brings us together with fascinating experiences.

And as Dr. Seuss wrote: "When you go out you come to wonderful places", and through the nature walks you can also get to know the history, atmosphere and archeology of Israel.

The Israel Trail

The Israel Trail is a walking route made up of segments and extends throughout the entire Land of Israel. It starts in Kibbutz Dan in the north and ends in Eilat in the south. It combines different landscapes, Mediterranean climate zones to extreme deserts, different ethnic cultures and religions


Since 2015, I have been guiding different sections of the trail while we meet fascinating people and cultures along it. Each section is accompanied by in-depth tutorials in a variety of fields.

The Golan Trail

The Golan Trail is a walking route about 130 km long. It connects Mount Hermon in the north and Ein Akov Spring in the south. Most of it passes through the eastern part of the Golan Heights. Along the route I combine nature, geology, history and current affairs tutorials.

Advanced trails

Intended for travelers aged 16+, able to walk, without physical problems. Walking routes might include challenging sections, like steep ascents and descents that pass through magnificent landscapes. The trips are combined with in-depth guiding in the topographical structure of the Land of Israel, its history customs and cultures of the peoples and tribes that inhabit it.

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